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Welcome to our new look Madam Lash Website complete with Credit Card facilities for convenient shopping 24/7.

We have included a couple of sale products in our launch as a token of our sincere thanks for the goodwill and support from our hundreds of clients throughout Australia; New Zealand and Overseas.

Madam Lash continues to grow from strength to strength each year with Sales exceeding our expectations. 

Our fastest growing product in Sales since November 2014 has been our pre-fanned 3D Volume Lashes.  They were so popular with our clients, they wanted them in a D Curl which we introduced last month.  Again Sales have been absolutely fantastic.  We will have our new stock of C Curl in lengths from 10mm through to 14mm in approximately 2 weeks from now.

Please feel free to make contact at any time should you like to see Madam Lash stock one of your favourite eyelash extension products.  We can always source this for you and hopefully bring it at a very reasonable price.

Point of note, overseas markets are not as attractive to Australian buyers due to the drop in the dollar price overseas.  This has resulted in higher prices to absorb the costs of imports and freight.  Madam Lash has still maintained a very competitive edge due to our ability to buy in bulk which allows us to provide your business with the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices.  

In closing, Madam Lash would not continue to be one of Australia's leading distributors without the incredible support of our valued clients.  May I take this opportunity in this first blog to say a huge thank you to all and I look forward to many more years of providing your business with world leading products for the Eyelash Extension Industry in Australia.