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Brochures Eyelash Extensions

Brochures Eyelash Extensions


Madam Lash has put together a unique brochure filled with all the typical Questions & Answers for Eyelash Extensions.  Over the years my Clients have been asking me about Eyelash Extensions from the basic to the not so commonly asked questions.  It is important for you as the Technician to ensure you are providing the Client with enough information to make it easier for them to choose whether or not to make the appointment.  This saves you time and will show the client that you are ensuring she can make an informed choice.  The brochure has the following:



1.  Questions and Answers about Eyelash Extensions:

What is an Eyelash Extension?

What does it involve and is it painful?

Will it damage my own Eyelashes?

How do they feel once applied?

Can I wear any make-up to my appointment?

How long will they last?

What are infills?

Are Eyelash Extensions suitable for everyone?  (This includes contraindications for Eyelash Extensions)

Can I have my eyelashes tinted before the appointment?

Can I go swimming and exercise as normal?


2. Photographs of the Eyelash Extensions x 2


3. Prior to Appointment Instructions.


4. After Care Instructions.


5. Book an appointment to Get Lashed.

This section is a blank white area where you can get yourself a stamp made up with your own

Business Contact Details.



This really is value for money.  You can use this as a business card; use it as an information product to sit at each beauty area within your salon, so your client can read whilst the client is having another beauty service such as hair or make-up.  Your bride will love the thought of enhancing her eyes on her special day.  The photographs will say it all.  This really is a MUST for every Technician.  Don't miss out on an opportunity to promote this in the most professional way you can.  This brochure will give you everything you need.  Not to mention it is produced in the beautiful Burlesque Theme exclusive to  Madam Lash in black and red.  This really is a beautiful brochure.  You will love it!!!.  Invest in your business today and advertise with professionalism and confidence!!.





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