Welcome to Madam Lash online shopping. I have searched for years around the world to bring you the best high quality products available on the market. You will find a wide variety of eyelashes and accessories, not to mention after care products to enhance your business opportunities. As a Madam Lash client you have exclusive use of this site which has Credit Card facilities; PayPal and Afterpay for your convenience.  Our world leading products are of the highest quality and completely affordable.   

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Madam Lash is registered under section 80B of the Industrial Chemicals (Notification and Assessment) Act 1989 on the Register of Industrial Chemical Introducers.  Registration number #NIC1003207


All products sold under the entity name of Madam Lash Beauty Services Pty Ltd, including those containing any type of chemical, must be used specifically for the purposes directly connected with the application of 'Eyelash Extensions'.  Madam Lash accepts no responsibility for the use and application of any product once it is sold.   

Unless by prior arrangement expressly written or agreed between Madam Lash Beauty Services Pty Ltd and the purchaser, the business entity Madam Lash Beauty Services Pty Ltd, does not authorise the on-selling of any of our products to any person; business entity or otherwise; and does not authorise the removal of any label affixed to any any product which is sold under the business entity name Madam Lash Beauty Services Pty Ltd.



******* We include GST in our products, if you do not buy from a supplier who pays GST then you are unable to claim these savings back through the Australian Taxation Office.  What this means for you is as follows, look at this example and see how much more you can save: $13 minus GST $1.18 = $11.82 is the bottom line price for each tray.

All our products have GST built into the price on the screen, so save and buy from an Australian supplier and claim back the GST from the ATO on all your purchases at tax time.  It is really as simple as that!.  If a business is not registered for GST, you get no benefit in your tax purse at the end of each financial year.

We also offer 16 lines in our trays, this provides you with maximum profit for your purchase.  Many offer only 12 lines which is why their price may be lower.  


  • After 10 years of this industry Madam Lash is still one of the most popular outlets for lash extension products.  Registered with NICNAS, we ensure every product which is brought into Australia is compliant with chemical laws.  
  • In light of the COVID-19 pandemic which saw Australia and the rest of the World changed forever, we have embraced the challenges which have presented.  Recently introducing free postage for orders $100 and over.  We believe this will allow many of our customers to save and regain some lost profits due to the lock-downs which have been imposed by various State Governments.
  • We have also introduced HENNA, a beautiful Vegan friendly, fruit and plant based product to colour brows. Our full kit price is so affordable at only $90.00.   This product stands alone, it does not require any other products to enhance its performance, such as an activator.  We have also introduced a brand new range of exclusively designed Madam Lash accessories to enhance and beautify your workspace.  Check these out today!  Our gorgeous bling encrusted presentation will wow you and your customers.  
  •  We will try to accomodate your needs 7 days per week as we completely understand sometimes you may have an urgent need for these products because of an unexpected client booking or other reason.
  • The business continues to show incredible growth, in a market which continues to become increasingly more competitive.  When I wrote the post many years ago about eyelashes being every woman's desire, the words resonate so much with me today because, it seems everyone who has discovered the intense effect lashes bring to a face, has become addicted.  No makeup has suddenly become a norm, when a woman wears eyelash extensions.  It gives her a feeling of effortless confidence.
  • Whilst we know there are so many new online businesses appearing, we are still extremely competetive and have a wonderful range of products for any new business.  We have incredible clients who have been with us on our 10 plus year journey.
  • We introduced Afterpay too which we find helps our clients with their cash flow and stock requirements.
  • As we embrace the 21st Century, the eyelash extension service is more popular than ever.  
  • Please also note that our trays contain 16 rows.  When you deduct the GST claimable, you will find they are around the cheapest available in Australia.  We note many of our competitors only provide 12 rows per tray.  We really do try to assist your business profits in every way possible, that is why Madam Lash continues to be a formidable force in the eyelash extension industry here in Australia.
  • Welcome to Madam Lash, we are honoured to have your support.  


Here's a snapshot of the reaction to the 4D Lashes:-

"Hi there Jacquelyn my order just arrived!!! Thank you so much!!! These lashes are amazing!! God I feel addicted already it's amazing what a change in product/companies can do!! My clients are going to love these!! And hopefully my boss starts to enjoy doing extensions ones she tries yours!! once again thank you ". 16 June 2016.

"My clients love the new 4D Lashes".  June 2016.

OMG ???? in love with the new 4D lashes. They give my clients the fullest most softest look to their eyes. Everyone in my salon in raving about them. Keep up the good work Madam Lash ????

"My clients are in love with your 4D C Lashes" I won't go anywhere else to buy them I'm totally hooked and so are my clients".  May 2016.

"Hey just wanted to tell you how much I love the new Madam Lash 4D C Curl 0.07mm lashes, I have looked everywhere for these and so glad I found them right here in Australia, thanks for making it so easy for us and at such a reasonable price".  May 2016.

"I've posted on Instagram because I wanted everyone to see the new 4D C 0.07mm product that you sent me, what an amazing result, thank you so much Madam Lash".  May 2016. 

Here is what our clients said about the 3D Lashes:-  The good feedback just keeps on coming through!

"I've just done my first set of 3d lashes they are amazing easy to pick up and so impressed they do not separate or split from picking them up my client was so happy she normally has individual but is totally in love with 3d as they feel so natural on the lashes thanks" :-) April 2017

"Hi Jac I just wanted to thank you for the amazing lash glue and volume lashes!! I love your products and find them so easy to work with. Thank you" ☺️ April 2016.

"3d volume lashes. Left eye done now for the right . What a huge difference for fine lashes . Great result !" Oct 2014. NSW

"I have been using the fans all day just mixing them in with classic sets and I love them so much! They are so quick and easy I can't get over it... I have a client who is a former chemo patient and you should have seen the smile on her face!"
30/10/14 QLD

"My goodness those fans are AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much!" Salon Technician 28/10 NSW

"I'm absolutely in love with the lashes. Cannot wait to do more sets". Technician GC 27/10/14.

"OMG the lashes are amazing. Just finished a set and love every second, client was super happy". Technician Gold Coast 27/10

"Eeek! Just got the lashes - I can tell I am already going to love the lashes! No wonder its popular! They are fantastic! I can totally see why people are all over it and what a perfect product to sell from a business perspective. Many suppliers claim they are selling 'volume' when it is just a Y or W lash. Absolutely in love! Salon TechnicianVIC 27/10

What our clients said about the 3D Volume Lash Glue:-

"I loved the fact it doesnt sting my clients eyes:) did dry fast which is awesome! best glue, and great price!" November 2014.
"his is amazing glue !!

"It grabs so well giving lash a seamless look . Tried so many glues in the past and you get the best service". November 2014.

Here is what my clients are saying about the 0.07mm individual lash trays for fanning to create the 3D lashes.

"Love them! so easy to fan them for volume without too much effort and also so affordable as well" Salon Owner LB Vic, Jan 2014".

And now for what they think of Madam Lash Supreme Glue:-

"I have been doing lash extensions for the past 4 years and have tried many glues, I truly feel confident working with yours the quality is far superior than others, at least double the time, nothing is better than providing a service with absolute confidence in the product for that I thank you " April 2014 - Salon Owner Coolum Beach Qld.

"Hi ladies I just wanted to share with you how amazing the Supreme glue is from Madam Lashw I was using the premium but have moved to the supreme. I had a lady in after 4 weeks and 4 days and she had well over 50% of her lashes left, they still looked so good and I am thrilled to have found a glue that has such amazing staying power. Just thought id let you guys know =)" Salon Owner Victoria. 12/7/2013

"I just wanted to let you know that I used the glue today and my time went from 2 hours to 1.5, its amazing!!! Thankyou!" (Technician Victoria) 3/5/2013

"Clients have been raving about the glue!! Had my lashes done with the glue the other day and they have lasted soooo long! LOVE IT". (Technician Gold Coast Business). April 2013

"Absolutely love this stuff! Finally my glue keeps up with me!" (Technician and business owner Orange NSW). Jan 2013

"Just wanted to let you know I LOVE the new Supreme Glue that you sent me!! its fantastic!!" (Technician and business owner Sydney NSW). 30/1/2013


Dec 2013 = Thankyou im so impressed with the new lashes you sent, theyre so soft and luxurious feeling and are a beautiful black! I'm also really impressed with the price and how quickly you sent them. I cant wait to use them, thank you! Technician/Business Owner Victoria. This is a testimonial about the new Silk Volume Lash Trays in 0.07 and 0.10mm thick.

Dec 2013 = Thank you so much for your free sample of the collagen eye pads. They are very much appreciated. If there were more kind people like you in this world it would be a better place :) I don't just say this because of your free gifts but because you are always willing to help if I need anything :) thank you. Lash Technician, Hattonvale, Qld.

April 2013 = Thanks so much for the amazing service, I received the glues today and thank you so much for the bonus eye pads, Im really impressed with your service! Will definitely recommend to my lash tech friends. Lash Technician/Business Owner Golden Point Victoria.

April 2013 = It is honestly so nice to work with people who have so much passion for their products and who really look after their clients. For me, the service I receive from a supplier is just as important (and sometimes more important) as the products themselves.
You should honestly be commended and I am looking forward to buying much much more from you in the future. Oh your prices really are AMAZING compared with everyone else and I've heard the quality is superb!
Can't wait to get my glues. Lash Technician/Business Owner Strathfield NSW.

Nov 2012 = Wow! Just ordered from Madam Lash Extensionss from a recommendation from Nail Techs Q&A Group and must say I am gobsmacked by their customer service already!!! I received a copy of my invoice by email with a welcome letter, thanking me for choosing their products, a list of some complimentary items they were sending me, the promise of MSDS without me having to ask for them, all in a beautiful warm letter with promises of assistance wherever required! I am so looking forward to trialing products from this company ♥ Owner Beauty Business Lithgow NSW.

"Thank you so much for your promptness of receiving and delivering my order. I tried the new fast drying glue on Tuesday night on one of my regular clients. Oh my gosh! It is so good, not that I had any complaints with the other glues. This glue is so easy to work with and saves time. I didn't have to keep working from eye to eye. I could work one whole eye if I really wanted to. And it is very strong and only required minimal glue. My client was so happy with the new lashes I used on her. For her last refill I used 14mm in a different brand which were terrible which resulted in not bonding properly, lashes moving everywhere etc. They were horrible (and double the price), so I removed them all and re-applied the 15's you sent me in .3 and when she saw them she was stoked. My client is Croatian with naturally very thick lashes so these were perfect for her. The only time I strayed from your product I got my first complaint. Never again will I do that. Lol. Once again thank you for all the extra goodies and for delivering once again very high quality products at such an affordable price". Owner: SPT Aug 2011.

"I just wanted to let you know the new glue you sent me is Fantastic!. It goes on so smooth and quick and the thin consistency allows it to dry so quickly without sticking to all the other lashes. My Clients are telling me their lashes are lasting now up to 4 to 5 weeks before they need infills. I highly recommend the glue to other Lash Technicians". Owner: Liza Lashed Beauty, December 2011.

"Love using your lashes, they are the best". Owner: LT Sep 2011.

"Thank you for prompt service, that's why I keep coming back". Owner AM Sep 2011.

"The new premium plus glue is just magic, love that it dries quickly without going all sticky. Does not go thick when dry, when I put the extension on the eyelash it stays put. Love how it dries so thin on the natural eyelash, a very natural looking eyelash extension". Owner EV Alice Springs Oct 2011

"Thank you, made payment and received my lashes, your a gem as always" Owner BP Brisbane February 2012.

"Thankyou so much for all your wonderful information and amazing service you have given me" Owner BT Canberra 2012.
"Growth Serum works a treat" Owner AM Toowoomba July 2012.