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Foam Lash Cleanser (Antibacterial Solution) (Bulk Buy) 5 x 50ml bottles

Foam Lash Cleanser (Antibacterial Solution) (Bulk Buy) 5 x 50ml bottles


Do your clients sometimes complain of sensitive itchy swollen eyelids?  Do they clean their lashes regularly?

We can almost guarantee you might fall in love with this incredible product.  Natural ingredients from Mother Nature.

Madam Lash Wash (foam eyelash extension lash wash) designed especially for cleansing the eyes while wearing eyelash extensions, to help minimise the build up of unwanted bacteria which can lead to infection. Hygiene is so important when wearing eyelash extensions. You owe it to your clients to have a lash cleanser available.

This is where Madam Lash comes to the rescue as we are committed to ensuring we provide you with the highest quality world leading products available.

Not only will our lash cleanser be popular, we guarantee you will love it because it is made from natural products including tea tree extract, fruit extracts; herbal extracts such as gingko leaf (used as a medicinal ailment for thousands of years) and rosemary leaf extract. This list is not exhaustive. 

Directions for use:  

1. Using a very small amount coat a micro brush and run along the eyelid and wipe through the lashes to remove dead cells and bacteria.

2. Recommended for daily use by clients wearing eyelash extensions and for Technicians prior to the eyelash extension procedure.



Contains 50ml.


You should be selling this product to your client to ensure they develop good hygiene practices whilst wearing eyelash extensions.  Perfect for those with sensitive eyes to soothe the eyelid in the days following the procedure.  This really is a wonderful product.



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