DV Perfect Coating - A SUMMER MUST HAVE  (Glue Protector & Sealant )

DV Perfect Coating - A SUMMER MUST HAVE (Glue Protector & Sealant )

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Have you heard of the saying "seal the deal"?   ...well basically...we want you to think about sealing your glue which is why you need to have a protective barrier to ensure elements such as heat; chlorine; perspiration; oils etc. do not permeate through the glue and break it down.  In summer this product is absolutely essential for the longevity of the glue.

 This protective coating sealant is produced by manufacturers of eyelash extension glue to ensure the glue is protected from extreme elements such as heat and cold. or just general every day wear and tear.


DV Perfect Coating -  This provides your Eyelash Extension with protection from oils and other elements, it helps to assist the longevity of the glue.  This product will seal the glue to the natural lash.  It protects the lash by providing a membrame between the adhesive bonding agent (glue) to guard against oil; perspiration; dust and debris.  It will hold the style and shape of the Eyelash Extension whilst adding a subtle shine to the Eyelash. 


Directions for use:  Apply a thin coating to the Eyelash Extension without touching the eyelid.  This product should be used before applying mascara and can be applied daily.  This product also serves as a mascara coating to ensure your DV Mascara will not smude or flake. 

Capitalise on expanding your business profits by adding some after care products to your lash service.  Your clients will love you for it.

These products are for use with eyelash extension glue.  Clients cannot use conventional off the shelf products to apply whilst having lash extensions such as mascara etc.    


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Triple packs also available for $39.00.  You can also choose to buy 3 of the same.  Checkout the other fantastic DV products available in this after care range.