HENNA for Eyebrows - 'BRONA'.
HENNA for Eyebrows - 'BRONA'.
HENNA for Eyebrows - 'BRONA'.
HENNA for Eyebrows - 'BRONA'.
HENNA for Eyebrows - 'BRONA'.
HENNA for Eyebrows - 'BRONA'.
HENNA for Eyebrows - 'BRONA'.
HENNA for Eyebrows - 'BRONA'.
HENNA for Eyebrows - 'BRONA'.
HENNA for Eyebrows - 'BRONA'.
HENNA for Eyebrows - 'BRONA'.
HENNA for Eyebrows - 'BRONA'.
HENNA for Eyebrows - 'BRONA'.
HENNA for Eyebrows - 'BRONA'.
HENNA for Eyebrows - 'BRONA'.
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HENNA for Eyebrows - 'BRONA'.

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What is HENNA?
  • HENNA is natures gift, it is a small tree originating in the Middle East.  It is a plant based powder which has been used for centuries by women as a natural hair dye product.  The leaves of the tree are dried and ground into a powder.  The powder is then mixed with a range of other natural herbs and fruit properties to create a range of beautiful colours. When water is mixed with the powder it forms a paste which is then applied to the brow hair.
Why choose HENNA?
  • HENNA avoids the introduction of harsh chemicals being applied to your skin.  It is 'vegan' friendly and generally speaking should be compatible with most skin types.    The main benefits of 'HENNA' are inherently obvious.  The product will gently tint the skin beneath the eyebrow hair, which will create illustrious depth of colour over the brow line.  The coverage will include areas where hair is sparse; resulting in uniformity across the brow area.
What will I need to buy to create a HENNA Kit for my own use or my business?

Madam Lash can provide you with everything you need to build your 'HENNA Kit', or you can buy one already pre-made.
Here are a list of items we highly recommend for your HENNA service or to complete the HENNA application process.
We recommend:-
1. HENNA powder
2. Mixing tool
3. HENNA cup or bowl for mixing your Henna powder to a paste
4. Madam Lash exclusively designed 'HENNA TOOL KIT', containing three tools for the application process and housed in our signature magnetic case with a touch of Madam Lash 'bling'
5. HENNA ACCESSORY PACK containing -  mascara brush/2 x angle brushes/2 x scoops.
6. Madam Lash exclusively designed 'HENNA KIT BAG ' - this gorgeous product is 25cm long, 15 cm high and 7cm in width.  We designed this to accommodate all of your HENNA products to keep them hygienically safe, not to mention the signature touch of Madam Lash 'bling' will add a touch of absolute class to your workspace/lash studio.
Economic business sense:
Why would I add Henna to my already range of services?
Madam Lash understands many business operators have struggled through COVID-19 and during these unprecedented times the World as we knew it has changed significantly.  This means we need to consider innovative and new ways to attract clientele.  One way is to include an additional service such as HENNA brows.  This is not only business savvy, but it makes perfect economical sense.  From start to finish it takes around 30 minutes and anyone can work with this product.  

Instructions for use and ingredients:


Ingredients: Henna; Phyllanthus Emblica Fruit Powder; Acacia Concinna Fruit Powder; Sapindus Mukorossi Fruit Powder; Sapindus Mukorossi Fruit Powder; Sodium Lauryl Sulfate; Cellulose gum; Tartaric Acid.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  We would always recommend a patch test on any skin type.  Ensure the brow is free of oil and any the skin is completely clean and free of any makeup products.
The HENNA powder should be mixed at a ratio of 2:1.  
  • Step 1: Place two scoops of HENNA to the required drops of hot water (we recommend our small white scoops available in the HENNA accessory pack) .
  • Step 2: Use the HENNA mixing tool to combine the powder and water.  Mix to a smooth paste in your glass cup or small glass bowl. 
  • Step 3. The eyebrows should be thoroughly cleaned and trimmed to the desired shape. 
  • Step 4: Apply the HENNA paste three times at 5 to 10-minute intervals, then leave for a full 30 minutes.
  • Step 5: Wipe off the HENNA paste from the undesired area with a damp cotton bud while drawing lines.
  • Step 6: After 30 minutes, wash it off with a wet cotton pad.
Are there any additional benefits of buying the 'BRONA' named product from Madam Lash?
  • The strength! of this product has been manufactured by a world leader.  This is supported by the fact that it does not require a brow activator, which would be an additional cost to you.
  • Economic viability - the product stands on its own without the need to add any other product.  This is why we believe this HENNA product is economically viable at a time when every dollar counts.
  • Affordable price! - we have compared prices of other brands and we know our product is considerably less in price.  This does not mean the performance of the product would be inferior, it means simply that we want to sell more of it to you! and if that means making it so affordable that you  cannot justify buying anywhere else, then this makes perfect economical business sense.
  • As a CEO of a multi-national Company once said "our prices are low because we want to sell more of the product and reach many more consumers".
  • Madam Lash ethos is exactly the same.  We want to sell more of our product to gain a larger following, therefore the price of this product accords with our business paradigm.
The HENNA 'BRONA' brow product is available in a range of colours: Black; Dark Brown; Medium Brown; Light Brown; Light Grey; Dark Grey; Auburn; Burgundy and Blonde.

Note: Accessories for your Henna kit shown here in the photographs are sold separately on this site.  

You may also wish to build your kit over time.  Madam Lash gives you the affordable option to do just that!  

(Bowl = 1 only - photo of two for display purposes)

(Cup = 1 only - photo of two for display purposes) 




We hope you love this amazing product as much as we do! ML