Protein Remover & Cleansing Pads

Protein Remover & Primer Cleansing Wipes

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Protein Remover & Cleansing Pads (contains 75 pads). These are used to prepare and prime the lashes prior to the application of glue.  These will enhance the longevity of the glue and provide better bonding.  Preparation products are very important to the overall longevity of the Eyelash Extensions.  These pads contain Vitamin E and an Aloe extract to protect sensitive skin around the eyes.  These are really beautiful pads.

 Definitely worth the investment for any Eyelash Business.  Preparation is everything.


Wipe down each lash gently with the pad ensuring that afterwards you use an eyelash comb to evenly distribute the primer through the lashes.  You can also use your puffer to gently dry the area to ensure the lashes are dry and ready for the bonding agent.


Primers also come in a liquid form.  Please see Lash Primer on this site.


The benefit of buying these pads over the bottles of Primer are that they actually last longer.  There are 75 pads in this container.  75 Pads = 75 clients!.  To cleanse the lashes wipe down with a single pad, turning over for the alternate eye.  Comb product through lashes then dry with your puffer.