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Short Stem 5D D 0.07 16 ROWS

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You asked us to make these and we have! Enjoy more volume created by these short base lash fans.  We make them! so you don't have to, makes for perfect business sense!.


As we say goodbye to the 2019/2020 financial year,  Madam Lash brings you our latest creation.  You have asked us for years to stock the short stem volume lashes, these are becoming as popular as our long base fans.

Our beautiful 5D D 0.07mm Short Stem Volume Lash trays, quality; perfection and gorgeous volume fans, created by hand from the best engineers in the business.


Here is why you should consider these lashes for your business:

  • Heat bonded, swift application time; easy to lift from the special tape which these fans are affixed to.  We completely respect the incredible talent of technicians who  have mastered the creation of making their own fans, however, we also realise that not every business or lash expert has the time to do this.  Well this is where Madam Lash comes to the rescue.  
  • Tap into many more clients and add them to your already growing client base by offering a short stem volume fan.
  • Add more volume with these incredible short base fans.
  • 16 ROW TRAYS - ECONOMICAL PRICE! Why settle for 12 rows when you can have 16 rows from Madam Lash.
  • Quality material.
  • Your choice; your business; your best decision is to choose Madam Lash as your lash distributor.


Add to your lash toolbox.   Why would you consider any other choice for your business model?  


We hope you enjoy this beautiful product as much as we have enjoyed creating it for your business and your clients.