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Sky Glue

Sky Glue


IMPORTANT NOTICE - Due to many variables in temperature glue can sometimes fail to meet its performance standards.   This is an inevitable part of exposing the product to air once opened or it can occur in transit.  Whilst our glue is freshly delivered to us from the factory, we are unable to control goods in transit or the care and storage of the glue by the purchaser once it has been sold.   For this reason our glue is priced accordingly.  We do not offer refunds on our glue products which is why we have it at only $20 per bottle.  Generally and under normal conditions, the glue should last between 1 and 3 months when opened.  Our bottles are only 5ml for this reason.  Please ensure you read this carefully before purchasing any of our glue products.

We continued to consult with experts in the fields of Russian Volume Lashing and have had many requests for us to stock the world famous Sky as usual we try to accommodate many of your requests, but this one really did resonate with us because everyone wants the perfect glue.

Sky Glue, extremely fast adhesive with low irritation and maximum retention which will have your clients returning time and time again.

The difference between the Sky and Sky + is the strength with Sky + being stronger and drying quicker. Great for the advanced technician.

Discover why this glue rates so highly above so many others in our eyelash is one of the most preferred glues for volume lashing which is why we have decided to stock it. As you know we have now become volume lash specialists simply due to the fact we offer beautifully, exclusively designed and manufactured 2D 3D and 4D Volume Lash Trays. Madam Lash Volume Fans are tailored to perfection by the most talented engineers in the business.

This glue can also be used on classic lashes.


1 - 2 seconds and its dry.
Strong bond.
Excellent retention.
Shelf life of 5 - 7 weeks once opened.
ISO Medical Approved. (This means the manufacturer has met the international quality management standards, focusing on meeting customer expectation and delivering customer satisfaction). Manufactured from the highest quality medically approved ingredients.


Size: 5ml



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