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Volume Perfection Rapid Eyelash Extension Glue  (for Russian Volume lashing -  our little 'Russian secret' in a bottle) -  Great in humid environments!

Volume Perfection Rapid Eyelash Extension Glue (for Russian Volume lashing - our little 'Russian secret' in a bottle) - Great in humid environments!



IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER :  This product must be used specifically for the purposes directly connected with the application of Eyelash Extensions.  Madam Lash accepts no responsibility for the use and application of this product once it is sold.   

Unless by prior arrangement expressly written or agreed between Madam Lash Beauty Services Pty Ltd and the purchaser, the business entity Madam Lash Beauty Services Pty Ltd, does not authorise the on-selling of this product to any person or removing the label affixed to it. 


Bulk orders of any of our chemical products will be subject to review under our terms of service.





Madam Lash is renowned for bringing Australia incredible glue products.  You love our Volume Glue range, but now we have stepped it up a gear with this incredible new product.  This is perfect for Russian Volume Technicians who are skilled in the art of creating their own Russian style Volume fans or using pre-made Madam Lash Volume Fans.


Yes it is aptly named :  VOLUME PERFECTION RAPID EYELASH GLUE, Why? because it has incredibly quick bonding power.  Has high resistance against heat and water exposure which makes it the perfect glue for those long hot summer months when you want to cool off in water.   It loves humid climates so for those who endure long hot summers with extreme humidity, this is your glue! and perfect for your clients.  It is also perfect for the fine Volume lash material which requires a very low viscosity glue which this is.

Another great attribute which really sells this product is the length of time the lashes will stay on the natural lash.  This glue should hold up to  2 months in perfect conditions.  If your clients do exactly as you tell them, they should be absolutely thrilled with this glue.

Unfortunately though, it is not recommended for those who have extra sensitive eyes.  


Please ensure you shake the bottle before use.  Store in a cool dry place, not in the fridge.

For professional use only.  Not tested on animals and formaldehyde free!.  


IMPORTANT NOTICE - Due to many variables in temperature glue can sometimes fail to meet its performance standards.   This is an inevitable part of exposing the product to air once opened or it can occur in transit.  Whilst our glue is freshly delivered to us from the factory, we are unable to control goods in transit or the care and storage of the glue by the purchaser once it has been sold.   For this reason our glue is priced accordingly.  We do not offer refunds on our glue products which is why we have priced it at only $25 per bottle.   Our bottles are only 5ml for this reason.  

We do not recommend buying your glue in bulk as varying temperatures affect the performance of glue.  We highly recommend using your glue within a week or two of receiving it.

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